• Within the framework of integrated waste management, we join our partners and industrial clients in the optimization of their waste management. We provide services within the facilities of our customers, making available the human resources, supplies and equipment necessary to meet the objectives. This service seeks to achieve operational efficiency in time and resources, complying with regulations, minimizing operational risks, among others. Waste management includes activities for proper segregation, transportation, temporary storage and final disposal of waste according to the corporate guidelines and procedures of our clients.

  • The final disposal of hazardous waste in landfill facilities requires specialized expert knowledge. Depending on the nature of the waste, specific treatments are applied to avoid any risk of contamination to the environment.

    At our plant, our processes guarantee an optimal treatment of all types of industrial waste.

  • We provide a complete and sustainable solution for the management of the oils and electrical equipment contamined with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other complex waste. Our offices in Chile and France guarantee the correct treatment at all stages. We export transformers with pure PCB for further treatment at our plant in Trédi St Vulbas,, France.

    • Characterization
    • Consolidation, conditioning and packaging
    • Administrative processes
    • Logistics and transportation
    • Thermal treatment
  • In order to deal with decontamination, dismantling and rehabilitation of industrial sites, Séché bases its actions on the knowledge of its technical teams, who contribute with their experience and skill in order to find the most appropriate solution to the rehabilitation of sites, oftentimes contaminated with toxic and complex products. Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of Séché teams we are able to propose the best solution customized to our client’s needs.   Evaluation and assessment of each project Containment, recovery […]
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