servicios de rehabilitación

In order to deal with decontamination, dismantling and rehabilitation of industrial sites, Séché bases its actions on the knowledge of its technical teams, who contribute with their experience and skill in order to find the most appropriate solution to the rehabilitation of sites,  oftentimes contaminated with toxic and complex products.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of Séché teams we are able to propose the best solution customized to our client’s needs.


  • Evaluation and assessment of each project
  • Containment, recovery, cleaning and environmental remediation.
  • Treatment of all kinds of contamination (chemical, organic, multiple).
  • Dismantling of industrial or commercial facilities that contain hazardous toxic materials (asbestos and others).


Given the complexity of the projects that the clients entrust to Séché,  we have developed an accompaniment and management of community relations service. This service provides tools such as awareness, communication, and mediation, which allows us to take into account all the points of view of all actors involved, creating conditions of equality and symmetry of information. this helps us to promote a collaborative and equitable relationship that allows us to address the sustainable development of national and international projects, being able to adapt ourselves to the requirements of each particular environment.